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Letter from Founder 


Scents for Living grew out of a personal search for meaning. There’s something numinous about candles, these tiny containments of light and their ability to transform the mundane world.


Candles began as functional objects, providing our ancestors with their chief source of light as each day’s dusk turned to darkness, but over time they gained immense and varied symbolic meaning. 


In modern times, candles are used in virtually every culture around the world—for religious or spiritual ceremonies, to signify a meditative or festive mood, to consecrate an event or place in space and time.


We light candles in memory of loved ones.


We hold candlelight vigils to signify shared passion for a cause.


We top birthday cakes with candles to wish the celebrated person more years of life.


We light candles to create a beautiful environment for romantic love.


We decorate our homes with candles to honor and adorn them, to make each space uniquely our own.


I believe also that candles serve to focus our attention in an important way. Gazing at a lit candle and enjoying its pleasing scent can help us feel calm, peaceful, anchored in the present. So often we react instead of act; we regret the past or anxiously await the future rather than simply being in the moment. Yet the present moment is where we are most alive, most able to be clear and act with conscious intent.


At Scents for Living, we carefully select renewable, natural soy wax from U.S. farms, metal-free cotton wicks, and nuanced fragrances to create handcrafted soy candles of the highest quality. Our candles come simply and beautifully packaged in recyclable materials.


It is our intention that Scents for Living candles assist you in refining and enjoying your own sense for living. 


Lisa Estus

CEO and Founder


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