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Privacy is an area of great concern for customers and we take it very seriously.  Scents for Living collects information in two ways: direct and indirect.


Direct information includes data provided to us by customers through our ordering system: name, address, phone, email, and product information. We use this information to process your orders and provide customer service assistance to you. We do not disclose, share, exchange or sell information with other companies for marketing purposes.


Another form of direct information deserves its own mention--credit card information. Credit card numbers are not stored on our web site; in fact we never see credit card numbers for online orders. Credit card information is passed through secure payment gateway Authorize.net, where it undergoes multiple validation algorithms to detect potentially fraudulent transactions. Due to these extra measures of security, we may on occasion call you to confirm a purchase.  If this happens, we hope you agree that the minor inconvenience is an acceptable exchange for greater caution.


Indirect information includes that which can be obtained when a customer browses our site. Of this, we record the IP address and browser type. IP addresses are kept for security reasons, and we collect information on browser types to better serve our customers. This data is treated with the same respect as direct information and will be kept confidential as well.


If you ever have questions about privacy, or would like your information removed from our web site, please call us toll-free at 877-693-6977.


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