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In 2003, fascinated by the chemistry of the everyday, Lisa Estus began experimenting to create the perfect premium, natural wax candle.


Five years later in the fall of 2008, she launched Scents for Living, a premium soy candle company based in Austin, Texas.


Working with dozens of scents, soy wax blends, and a multitude of natural wick variations, Estus methodically tested combinations until each met the highest standards of quality. Scents for Living promises natural soy wax candles with evocative scents and optimized burn qualities that provide many hours of enjoyment. 


Unusual in candle manufacturing, Scents for Living’s premiere line features fragrances created with top, middle and base notes. This technique, more common to perfumes, creates a nuanced fragrance experience.

“Scents have a definite effect on mood and well-being.  Scents evoke memories,” Estus explains. “People who enjoy sophisticated sensory experiences are attracted to fragrances with multiple layers.”


"Our deepest intention is that our scents will awaken, reassure, stimulate, exhilarate, soothe, relax and please. Lighting one of our candles and enjoying its scent and glow creates a sense of peace and calm that sets time apart from the busy world," says Estus.


A Chicago native, Estus worked in public relations for high tech companies in the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Austin. Austin, rated No. 1 in Kiplinger’s Best Cities 2010: Great Cities for the Future, supports creativity, originality and innovation—a fertile environment in which to begin Scents for Living. One aspect of Austin’s unique culture, its longstanding environmental ethic, particularly influenced Estus.


“The soy wax we use is 100 percent natural, renewable and made from non-genetically-modified soybeans grown by U.S. farmers,” Estus says. "We use metal-free, cotton wicks and premium fragrances with no pthalates.  Our paper box packaging is made from trees grown especially for that purpose, which means no old-growth deforestation. We choose everything from our ingredients to our processes with great care."


When you light a candle from Scents for Living, you’re helping to care for the larger environment and supporting efforts to create jobs locally, all while intentionally creating your own environment.


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