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Scents and Well Being

Ablutions: the Sacred Bath

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Young woman in bowl shaped bathtubWhat is it about luxuriating in warm water that feels like forgiveness, as if you are being welcomed back into the eternal, universal oneness-with-all? Perhaps it is due to prenatal memories of free-floating in the womb, if you believe such as thing is possible. But whatever you may believe, you probably agree that bathing is sublime.


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Warm greetings! I am Lisa Estus, founder of Scents for Living. This blog is intended to explore the numina of candles and scents.

What do I mean by numina? I mean the mysterious qualities of candles and scents that can evoke a state of profound calm, a sense of well being and peacefulness that awakens the inner divine.

The way candlelight can make an ordinary dinner special. Or turn an old bathroom with a chipped porcelain tub into a sacred place for ablution. How a beautifully scented candle can all at once tickle your olfactory bulb to evoke a romantic mood and soften the features of your lover’s face with its glow.

The way candles and aromas are used in cultures all over the world in hundreds of different ways for hundreds of different reasons that transcend mere function.